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An Abundant Life

For almost 20 years of my Christian life, I wondered what it felt like to live the abundant life mentioned in scripture. I also wondered what it would be like to truly experience joy, not just talk about it.

The promises of God seemed far off or like they were out of reach. At least for me. I prayed to experience them. I talked with others about it. I prayed earnestly for it. But, nothing I did brought me any closer to the actual experience of joy or peace that produces the abundant life.

It all left me scratching my head. What was I missing? Why were others content or were they just faking it like I was? And the big one, how could I be fully human and alive?

Then God began to unravel all my tangled thinking. You know, the core beliefs, the wounding that made me less trusting, the hypervigilance that accompanies trauma. And of course, the anxiety.

This intense time of unraveling lasted several years.

What came from it you may be asking? Well, several things.

The real me for one! Like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I moved away from the harsh self-shaming, inner critic controlling my life to being able to enjoy, the real me, with all my imperfections. I came out of hiding. I had been hiding from myself and not letting others see me either. Like Song of Songs talks about a woman coming up from a wilderness leaning on her beloved. I was that woman

Another thing that happened was that God gave me actionable steps because I truly do believe God wants us to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and whole. As believers, we have spent so much time waging war on the enemy we believed was outside of us, when in fact the real enemy was within. How much better of testimony the church as a whole would have if we lived and moved from a place of wholeness and connectedness.

These actionable steps will allow you to heal and become faster and without feeling like you're groping around in the dark. It's no magic bullet. It's a way to live from your heart in divine connection with God. When I say divine, don't think of it in terms of the new age. I mean it's the abundant life and joy that comes from being seen, known, and loved.

God, who loves you so much, tore the veil on the cross so there was

  • no separation

  • no need to hide the real you

  • no need to pretend and conform to a version of Christianity

  • no need to remain broken

This journey of healing and becoming is best taken with someone who knows the way. And I know that way well. I've worked with several hundred folks so they could shed unwanted pain stemming from wounding and core beliefs to stepping into the experience of peace and freedom found in Christ.

Once that initial process of healing and becoming is established, you will have to maintain it because life has its fair share of negative events, uncertainties, pain, and confusion. God the Father desires an ongoing connection with you. Otherwise, we would be like the nine of the ten men that Jesus healed of leprosy. Luke 10 tells us they went on their way without so much as a thank you.

So, how can you maintain your healing and wholeness? Truthfully there are many ways. But the way I'm going to introduce you came as a direct download from God to me. I can't tell you how much I'm opposed to sales tactics. But, I know of no other way to get this therapeutic deck of cards into the hands of those that need them.

They really are ingenious. Of course, they are because they're inspired by God himself.

They blend self-awareness, cognitive behavior principles with an asking form of prayer to connect you to God in ways that truly will change you at a heart level. You can watch a video about them here

What do I say to those that prefer to make a small purchase before investing in coaching? Honestly, that would be my preference too. So I say, give them a try? You never know how God might want to move in your life. Nor would I ever want to limit God. But I will say, some of us need more than a self-guided path to heal from the things we've experienced. If you'd like to try them first you can click on this link

If you want to schedule a time to find out more, just email me at

Lisa Pinney is a certified encounter coach and the founder of Pittsburgh Transformation Center. She is an expert in working with hurting people to help them experience healing and emotional wholeness through deep personal encounters with God. She trains others to become resiliency coaches. She is the author of the book DEEPER, Living the Christian Life in the Deep Down. Lisa is the developer of CUT CARDS©. A groundbreaking, faith-filled, therapeutic deck cards based on scriptural principles and cognitive behavior therapy. She is a speaker and conducts DEEPER STILL CONTEMPLATIVE RETREATS.

Her mission and call are to see the message of emotional healing through Christ become as much a part of the regular Christian experience as reading, worship, and prayer are.

Mega Blessing


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