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Take A Sacred Voyage

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 Add a New Chapter to Your Story

Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime with A Sacred Voyage. An 8-week online course that

safely guides women to a life of wholeness and authenticity through self-awareness and HeartEngaging Prayer©.

A Sacred Voyage is rooted in rich reflective principles, my lived experience, and professional insights. This life-changing journey offers you a simple yet profound approach, along with tested strategies

that will ensure you enhanced emotional health and rich spiritual growth. You’ll have exclusive access to all the proprietary resources I've meticulously developed over the years as an expert coach, all in one place.

This program is tailored for women who are searching for a spiritual journey toward becoming whole and authentic. I've carefully crafted A Sacred Voyage to provide you with all my expertise, insights, and top resources. My own voyage of healing spanned seven years, but with my personal experience and training, I can now guide you through it in a much shorter time. Allow me to lead you on this sacred journey of self-discovery, strengthening resilience, and nurturing spiritual growth.

I developed A Sacred Voyage in response to the challenges posed by the stresses of life and the trauma we see all around us. The accumulated impact on us, as women, is worthy of attention and care. The metaphor of "new wineskins for the new wine" reflects a need for adaptive and

transformative approaches to address the changing landscape of our personal and collective well-being. Throughout this course, you'll have the freedom to articulate life experiences that may have remained hidden through conventional approaches to faith alone. By combining proven tools that actually help you see what’s behind your stress with your regular faith practices, you will be able to move through life more easily.

If you're seeking to nurture your emotional well-being through a biblical approach that acknowledges and addresses past challenges, don't miss out on A Sacred Voyage! This opportunity allows us to

collaborate at a pace that fits your needs, all at an affordable price. If you want to care for your personal emotional well-being using a trauma-informed, biblical approach, be sure to take A Sacred


Trip Planning
Image by Austin Neill
Image by Austin Neill


  • You’ll have access to 8 weekly live group coaching sessions to participate in! All sessions will be conducted via Zoom, following the Eastern Standard Time (EST) schedule.

  • You’ll gain unlimited access to The Sacred Voyage Club, an exclusive Facebook group with a lifetime membership. In this group, I can answer any questions you may have about the course while you are forming a community with other women taking the same voyage.

  • You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the 8 modules and all accompanying content — it's yours to keep! Progress through each module at your own pace and revisit them whenever you choose.

  • You’ll get The Inner Compass Companion Method. It’s my proprietary method for nurturing your emotional and spiritual well-being through self-awareness and connection with God. This is based on St. Augustine’s prayer. Lord, let me know myself and know you.

  • You’ll become aware of yourself with the Emotional Landscape Structure. You think you know yourself pretty well now. Wait til you start tuning into the depths of your inner world through deep listening and curiosity.

  • Use the Emotional Influences Framework to reveal your emotional triggers and coping mechanisms.

  • Begin deconstructing the dualistic mindset by unraveling the either/or, right and wrong, good or bad perspectives of your own thought life and the world around you.

  • Use The Connections Styles Framework to ensure that you steer toward your true emotional needs while recognizing the propensity to cling and resist.

  • Embrace the Heart Engaging Prayer© method to cultivate and nurture a profound friendship with God as He gives you the desires of your emotional heart.  Discover the art of calming your soul and attuning to your spiritual senses. In tandem, foster unwavering confidence as you engage in conversational prayer, encountering the presence of God.

  • Use the Wholeness Shifting Scaffold as a supportive framework to skillfully navigate the various states of emotional well-being for the rest of your life.

  • Sacred Silence Series: meditations for a Soulful Connections

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