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Lisa Pinney is your trainer for this course

She is an expert in working with hurting people and those with unresolved trauma to help them experience healing and emotional wholeness through deep personal encounters with God. She is the author of the book DEEPER, Living the Christian Life in the Deep Down, and the developer of CUT CARDS. A therapeutic deck of cards based on scriptural principles and cognitive behavior therapy.

Become A Resiliency Coach

           This is Where Passion, Devotion, Emotional Health, and Spiritual Growth Collide!

Experience your own emotional healing that leads to the ability to live a spiritually and emotionally healthy lifestyle, all while you are learning the skills necessary to coach others!

You'll Get Trauma-Informed, Scripturally Supported Training to position you as an expert 

Here's what the Resiliency Training will offer you!

                 You Will Learn


  • What exactly trauma is

  • How unresolved trauma impacts our daily life

  • How the traumatized brain reacts 

  • What trauma looks like

  • How needs drive behavior

  • Become aware of the inner conflicts between our desire to do good and our inability to carry it out due to wounding events.

  • How to ask questions that help shift others from the rational brain to the emotional heart.

  • How to listen for the unmet desires of the heart and the ways God wants to meet our emotional needs, desires, and longings.

                  The Training

  • ​Trauma-informed, emotion-driven, and scripturally supported

  • You will discover how to coach the emotional heart of your clients by navigating through unwanted emotions, and coping strategies to connect with God in ways that bring about emotional healing. 

  • Your clients will be able to renew their minds easier, become resilient, and grow spiritually.

  • This approach becomes an invitation into a lifestyle of reflection and a deeper connection with God for both the coach and the client.


        Transformation from The Inside Out

  • The Father sent the Son, so we can live an abundant life. Unfortunately, life is full of experiences that threaten and rob us of that life. (John 10:10) Generations of learned behaviors, negative experiences, and woundings change us. Jesus heals and redeems us. Not by asking us to change, but by changing us at the heart level.

  • Not only will you be able to coach others so they can bounce back faster after life's negative events, but you also will experience emotional healing that leads to spiritual growth for yourself

Resiliency Coaching is Versitile

There are so many opportunities to integrate resiliency coaching

into a ministry, church, for-profit organization, or private coaching practice. 

Let's Start with Ministries and Churchs

  • It can be offered on an individual basis. Your people will heal, and grow spiritually because they learn how to hear from God in personal ways. For many people, it's more effective than traditional therapy. 

  • Resiliency coaching can be used at pastor's retreats, and staff healing retreats.

  • Resiliency coaching can be offered to women's small groups as a "6 weeks to emotional and spiritual health" 

  • Resiliency coaching can be offered to couples who are struggling. Each person can be offered individual coaching before moving forward with couples counseling or even premarital counseling. 

  • Resiliency coaching can be offered as a part of onboarding new staff or volunteers allowing them to be in optimal      emotional and spiritual health.

  • Resiliency coaches can also start their own full or part-time coaching practice to help provide financial stability and independence

  • Resiliency coaches can be used within an organization as a way to care for employees

  • Resiliency coaches work with professionals, wounded people, with anxiety, and even unresolved trauma because we all experience pain from living in this world. 

  • Some may choose to start their own organizational resilience business.


There are lots of ways this course can bless your church, its members, and your own financial stability

Next, Let's Look at How Resiliency Coaching Can Help In The Workplace

The topography of today's workforce and the health of organizations have changed. Resiliency coaches are able to go into an organization offering a variety of services to improve the lives of individual employees and the overall culture in the workplace.

  • It can be offered as a one to one service for employees experiencing workplace stress. ​

  • It can be offered to department that has experienced unforseen organizational changes.

  • It can be offered to a small business in preparation for growth​

And Here's Why

Studies show that implimenting a resileince strategies into the workplace:

  • Improves employee job satisfaction

  • Improves the retention of valuable employees

  • Employees are more engaged

  • Employees are able to adapt to change easier

There are many benefits to offering resiliency coaching that will add value to the culture of your business and improve your overall bottom line.

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Crystal Salt

Gloria Biccum 
Certified Resiliency Coach and Skin Care Expert

The resiliency program has been such a fantastic experience. for me.  Every person in the group was kind. 

I gained both emotional and spiritual information that allowed me  to heal as I was being trained.

With Lisa, I always felt supported and seen. 

Lori Synder
Certified Resiliency Coach and
Bible Teacher

The resiliency coaching program equipped me with tools to process difficult emotions and find freedom and personal healing. I have a better understanding of trauma responses and can confidently coach one’s heart to help them grow personally and spiritually, so they can thrive.”

Jarrod Sowa
Certified Resiliency CoachLaw Enforcement Officer and Ch,aplain

Resiliency Coaching is a total asset, in my  fields of Christian counseling and law enforcement. Learning these skills, taught by Lisa, will enable you to effectively coach seeking a health life of renewal. I would highly recommend

This is more than coach training. It's a full experience! 

1. How to Start Your Coaching Business Successfully free 

2.  Join our membership group and stay in the community to be supported and grow!


3. The best part is that you can also kickstart your business  as an approved coach on The Attuned        App at a reduced rate

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Start Your Resiliency Journey

Payment plan available upon request

No Refunds


  • All the materials needed for this course are on the website portal plus audio meditations, journal prompts, and downloadables

  • 12 - 2 hours weekly virtual meeting

  • Intentionally small cohorts 

  • Peer coaching 

  • Mentoring with Lisa 

  • Certification 

  • Start Your Coaching Practice Successfully

*Plan to spend 3.5 hours on each module

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