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Cut Cards help navigate through tough emotions to be able to connect to God

CUT CARDS© are a God-inspired, faith filling tool that can help you when you're struggling with tough emotions. When you’re emotionally triggered, CUT CARDS can help to cut through the confusion so God can reach the part of our heart that needs Him most for healing.


Each deck of cards combines cognitive behavior principles and Heart Engaged Prayer© for truly powerful encounters designed to let God bring truth to the emotional heart. 

Having your emotional needs met in prayer becomes a clear way to counteract the pain, confusion, and unprocessed trauma. 

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the (emotional) desires of your heart. 

Emotional health and wholeness can and should  

be a regular part of your Christian experience

Praise for Cut Cards

Untangling complicated emotions always felt intimidating to me. I think I always lived my life reacting to the symptoms they stirred up. I was never really dealing deeply enough with them to resolve anything. Using Cut Cards has helped me to get to the bottom of my heart's true needs. They have laid out a pattern for me to follow in asking God to meet them. Using them has helped me gain freedom from the guilt that my emotions used to cause by helping me realize that my emotions, in a sense, aren't good or bad. They are simply indicators that must be navigated to find true peace and Cut Cards has given me tools to do just that! A.R.

Because I am a kinesthetic learner, the Cut Cards are perfect for me. I can "see" the process, and by doing the exercises, I "feel" the transformation of my heart as I move through the exercises and get closer to God.... and sometimes, the proçess is painfully difficult but so worth the embracing love I feel both from Lisa and from God. So very tangible! Joni J.

Cut Cards helped me navigate through a traumatic time in my marriage. I don't know what I would've done without these cards. I found the questions interesting. to be honest, I never knew I could ask the Lord questions. He spoke encouragement and wholeness into my life. S.M.

                                                    The Results of a 6-Month Study Show Cut Cards Work!

In a 6 month study of 13 participants, 84.6% or 11 of the 13 participants reported a reduction in the frequency, intensity, and duration of emotional triggers and strong unwanted emotions in the first 2 months. 69.2% or 9 participants continued to experience a reduction in the frequency, intensity, and duration of strong unwanted emotions after 6 months. While 15.4% or 2 participants reported no change. Only 1 participant reported an increased frequency.


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