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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Exclusive Services

With each service, you will get all of the wisdom and skill God has deposited within me.

Nothing about these services is cookie-cutter because you are a unique individual with unique experiences. 


The Pathway To Your Heart

  Is As Individual As You Are. 

Private Monthly Coaching

Coaching the heart produces profound emotional healing and will bring freedom in the areas of your life that you want to work through. The work of transformation is an inside-out job. We will take it at a pace that allows for reflection and inner change to take root. We'll do this by asking crafted questions and having spiritual conversations, first with each other and then with God. Not only that, you will live a lifestyle of engaging your heart in prayer. 

This plan is perfect for the person who wants to deal with old wounds, anxiety, and negative beliefs that form over time. You will learn so much about yourself, the ways you are triggered, and the reasons why. You'll learn about the ways you cope and the emotional needs you have. that aren't being met currently. You'll be able to allow God to reach the part of your heart that is in pain and develop the spiritual senses needed to receive His truth and ministry to you, His child.  

Creative Consulting

I can generate some ideas that honor your vision! I'm never at a loss for developing and building your business. Whether we are working on developing your signature plan or preparing for a presentation, I have creative ideas. I will not only pull the dream in your heart out of you, but I'll also help you bring it to life. This program is fun and will require your commitment to completing each phase of development in a timely manner.

Let's Work Together

You won't regret allowing God into the parts of your life and heart that are stuck in confusion and pain. Your inner and outer worlds will come into alignment. You'll also walk away with powerful tools that will allow you to connect with God on your own. These spiritual tools are different from our normal faith practices. They are specifically designed to bring you back to a place of wholeness when life events threaten your peace. 

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