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This page is for coaches to apply to be included as one of the premier coaches in the Get Attuned app

                                   The Get Attuned Coaches Corners is Different From Other Listing Sites.

Unlike other professional coach listing sites that can cost 500 per year, Get Attuned is offering an introductory price of 275.00. Lead generation websites ask you to pay up to 36.00 per lead, whether or not you get hired. Figure it out, if you charge 100.00 a session The Coaches Corner pays for itself in 2.5 sessions. If you offer coaching packages or have group coaching programs The Coaches Corner is even more affordable. With other listing sites, you have to compete with hundreds of coaches. Attuned limits the number of coaches that can be listed. This ensures you will greater opportunities to gain clients.

The vision of Get Attuned is to provide a safe place for seekers, skeptics, and believers to care for their emotional health by attuning to themselves and God provided the user wants to connect with God. We know there are many people who are exploring or have been hurt by the church. The user may or may not be ready to go full-on with a faith-based coach. Get Attuned meets people where they're at.


The Coaches Corner is divided into two sections. 

The Faith-Based section allows users to choose a Christian coach.

The Conventional section is for coaches that offer services not necessarily associated with faith. Why? Consider the person whose financial situation is causing them anxiety. In working with a financial coach, they can get their finances in order and therefore their anxiety is reduced. Consider the person in need of a health coach. There may be people that want to take care of their emotional health but are not interested in a Christian coach.

Get Attuned meets people at their point of need. 

As a coach with your own business, you understand the costs associated with training. Attuned provides free training, so you can combine your coaching style with the Get Attuned process. Something clients coming to you from The Coaches Corner will be looking for.

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Coaches Corner Application

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