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When Confusion Comes

Whether you grew up in church, dropped out of the church, or still attend one; you will no doubt encounter times when what you've learned, what is preached, what the Bible teaches or a prophetic word contradicts real life experiences.

In the passage from Jeremiah 30 God speaks to Israel saying "I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD." He's still saying that to us today!!!!

Whenever real-life experiences causes confusion, ongoing stress, or wounding it's the place where God wants to meet you. But it's also the place where you may want to:

  • Limp along instead of walking the healing journey

  • Believe what you've been taught and assume you're doing something wrong. It robs you of the ability to think for yourself.

  • Live a shallow life and shallow relationships

  • Settle for a shallow faith or quit on God altogether

Most of all, it makes for crazy making, circular thinking. Here's what I mean.

I Limped along. I assumed everyone else was right and I was wrong. I've felt the deep down shame. I've choked on the spiritual-sounding cliches that only furthered my belief that something is wrong with me. I've lived the shallow Christian life and at the same time wanted the healing experience that Jesus offers.

I also:

  • Have been judged and judged myself.

  • Have been rejected due to preferential treatment, others telling me I'm too much, and patriarchal systems.

All it did was force parts of my authentic self into hiding.

  • I knew how to suppress my emotions

  • I knew how to hide my true feelings

  • I knew how to amour up and mask up.

  • I pretended and performed my way through life. Until I couldn't anymore

That's when God took me on a very personal healing journey. It was there I faced the unresolved issues of my past. It was there I took a good hard look at my core negative beliefs and how they were interfering with how I engaged the world.

It allowed me to develop spiritual tools to navigate through life. I now understand that healing isn't necessarily a fixed position, but it's one that changes as the challenges of life arise. I understand that emotions are not to be ignored as some would tell you to do. That actually can make things worse. They are to be acknowledged.

Now, I recognize the need in others and can coach the heart rather than the behavior.

I also train others to become Resiliency coaches

So whether you need emotional healing or want to become a healer, I'm here for it. Let's talk

If you want to schedule a time to find out more, just email me at

or go to my website

Mega Blessings


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