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Think About Friday

Hi There My Heart Centered Friends

I'm trying something new. I'd like to send out a weekly email with some thoughts I've been pondering. My hope is that it will prepare you as you go into the weekend. If you know me at all, you know I'm always thinking 💭 Sometimes that's good and sometimes I wear out. And then there's always the times I saw something shiny. So I'll try my best to be consistent. But, honestly, that's not who I am.

So here we go

Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!”

The life of Peter shows us the ways he left everything while Jesus was with them.

Then how he stopped following briefly after the crucifixion.

And then again, how Peter followed at His appearance in John 21.

I used to think of "following" as a fixed state rather than nuanced based on conditions. But now I considered it as I reflect near the end of the week.

  • In what was I following His lead?

  • Were there days I got so busy I wasn't even aware of His ever-present help?

When I think of it in this way, I'm more apt to admit I'm not always aware of His presence and have forfeited the following of the one I love so dearly. Compartmentalizing life, work, and ministry, from His presence, was never God's idea. How do I know this? Because Jesus said"I will never leave you or forsake you. In the Passion Translation, it goes on to say because I will be living in you! All we need to do is go inward to connect through conversational prayer. Which is different than compartmentalizing. Cultivating this "going inward to connect" thing can happen throughout the day and in short bursts. Coffee breaks, driving, in the morning or at night. The important thing is our heart posture. Lectio 365 app is perfect for this.

Reflecting at the week's end also trains us by constant practice. I become more sensitive to His presence and can notice when I'm more connected to the person of peace. There are times when I'm so busy, that I'm not really following and I forfeited His peace. deep sigh

Ask yourself as you commune with the Father... Where did I see you this week? Then pause and leave room to let Him speak to you.

Do you practice stillness, reflection, and meditation? If not, don't worry I'll be talking about this more in future offerings.

Until then, Mega Blessings


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