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The Tension Between Anger and Being Nice

As The Attuned App is nearing its release, I thought it might be time to start promoting some of the philosophy behind the app. But first a little history.

One day I was talking on the phone with a friend and these words came straight out of my mouth. I think I'm gonna create a therapeutic deck of cards and call them Cut Cards. She asked what are they? with curiosity. My response... I don't know I wasn't planning on saying that. I still laugh when I think about it. It was a God moment for sure. Within 3 weeks had a template for Cut Cards. I made a few decks of cards from my little home computer. I then wanted to test their effectiveness, So I recruited a small sampling of people for a 6-month study. The results were more than I could've hoped for. Nearly 85% of the participants had a reduction in the frequency, intensity, and duration of emotional triggers or strong unwanted negative emotions in the first 4 months, with 69% having continued reduction throughout the length of the study. Nearly 70% reported greater satisfaction in their relationship with God.

After those results, I knew it was time to produce them professionally. In another God moment, I teamed up with Ben Brownlee of BCI Designs. Once they were printed, my son asked why I made a physical deck of cards instead of an app. God is a genius. So, I teamed up with Ben Brownlee again to develop The Attuned App. Attuned is an expanded version of Cut Cards. I just keep following God's breadcrumbs.

So let's talk about our shared experience of anger. We all get angry. Anger is a powerful emotion that can quickly take over our lives. It can be difficult to navigate the tension between expressing anger and being nice, especially in a world where we’re expected to always be polite and courteous. How it's expressed ranges from lashing out to stuffing it. Learning how to manage our anger and channel it into constructive action is an important life skill that can help us in both our professional and personal lives. But, how we do that has historically been vague. We may pray which often brings relief but no practical resolution. Without a practical resolution, our bodies hold onto the tension.

Relationships and being emotionally healthy involve pausing when you want really to fight or avoid others. It also means having conversations with God to meet us in our frustration. Then once you feel understood it becomes easier to take thoughtful action to address any issues. By understanding the power of anger and the importance of being nice, we can learn how to make better decisions when faced with this tension. We can also learn how to express our emotions in a constructive way that does not lead us down a path of destruction. We can grow both emotionally and spiritually by learning how to balance the emotion of anger with kindness. Through our time with God, perspective, and knowing what needs to be addressed and what we can let go of can experience greater peace in our bodies, emotions, and souls.

Isn't that what we're all longing for? The Attuned App can really help you achieve all of this. It will be out in the spring and be available in both The App Store and Google Play. I hope you'll check it out.

Mega Blessings


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