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Taking A Second Look

We need a contemplative mind in order to take compassionate action.

Our first assessment about ourselves, scripture or a situation is rarely compassionate. We're too busy weighing it: “How will this affect me?” or “What reaction does my self-image demand now?” or “How can I regain control of this situation?” Let’s admit that we all start there. Only after God has taught us how to live “undefended” can we immediately stand with others or ourselves.

It has taken me much of my life to begin to take a second look. By nature I have a critical mind. The second look allows me to be gentle toward myself and others. A life of silent reflection allows me to move past my critical self to seeing my compassionate Father. This reflective posture of compassion, is what Godoffers and really what I need so I can extend compassion to others.

Today, pause to consider if you're being hard on yourself and others. Then take a second look into the heart of your Heavenly Father.

If you're interested in seeing life, yourself, or others through a different lens let's talk

Mega Blessings


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