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Self Awareness Doesn't Equal Change

It makes me happy to see a focus on emotional health. But I'm concerned because awareness just isn't enough. We can talk about it, but how do we actually experience change? We can be self-aware and stuck at the same time. Self-awareness doesn't equal change or a transformed life.

There can be a big disconnect between knowing something about ourselves and actually doing the work to replace false beliefs, issues of mistrust, addictive patterns, to become who God authentically intended us to be.

Fully human, fully alive, and fully led by his good spirit throughout our lives

Here's an example of a disconnect. We're aware that we have to change and at the same time, under the right set of circumstances we also say 'that's just who I am or that's the way my whole family is" Is it passing the buck or making excuses? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it's a disconnect or a lack of awareness in a given moment or a blind spot if you will. We all have them.

We can be aware of what triggers us to become reactive. But how can we actually change and experience deeper pea