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Self Awareness Doesn't Equal Change

It makes me happy to see a focus on emotional health. But I'm concerned because awareness just isn't enough. We can talk about it, but how do we actually experience change? We can be self-aware and stuck at the same time. Self-awareness doesn't equal change or a transformed life.

There can be a big disconnect between knowing something about ourselves and actually doing the work to replace false beliefs, issues of mistrust, addictive patterns, to become who God authentically intended us to be.

Fully human, fully alive, and fully led by his good spirit throughout our lives

Here's an example of a disconnect. We're aware that we have to change and at the same time, under the right set of circumstances we also say 'that's just who I am or that's the way my whole family is" Is it passing the buck or making excuses? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it's a disconnect or a lack of awareness in a given moment or a blind spot if you will. We all have them.

We can be aware of what triggers us to become reactive. But how can we actually change and experience deeper peace, love, and rest? I think it's something we all crave whether we're dealing with life patterns, unresolved trauma, an accumulation of smaller difficult circumstances, or a difficult season of life.

These triggers and reactivities that I speak of are indicators that you need God to reach a part of your heart that is in need. At the same time, it isn't work you want to do alone. This kind of work is best done through a combination of reading, reflection, self-examination, and prayer, Also it's important to understand the tools for trauma are different. They are more than reading, reflection, self-examination, and prayer. You also need someone who understands how to navigate the heart with you.

I have learned how to do just that. Together we will do the work necessary for God to reach your heart in need. And it won't take years. Why? Because God had entrusted to me some very beautiful, effective, spiritual tools to get to the root or source of pain. Then it's a matter of making room for God to do what he does best, which is to take care of us.

This isn't a step-by-step process because the pathway to the heart
is as individual as each of our experiences. Fortunately, Jesus knows the way

This is one of God's divinely powerful ways to tear down strongholds. You may favor the word strongholds but, there are other expressions that may ring true for you as well, generational trauma, or epigenetics of trauma. Science has now proven that trauma can be passed on through our DNA.

Either way, it describes Exodus 20:5 perfectly

The LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.

Slight rabbit trail there, Sorry about that

Here's the thing, no matter where it started or what happened, you are entitled to heal and thrive. It's your birthright. We often think of emotional healing as a one-and-done kind of thing. If you think of it that way, if you get triggered again, you could wonder why it didn't stick or what you did to lose it. Nothing can be further from the truth. Life goes on, things continue to happen, emotional healing and wholeness need to be maintained. That's how you thrive spiritually and emotionally.

If you are ready to do the work but aren't sure what it entails, let's talk.

I can be reached at

Lisa Pinney is a certified encounter coach and the founder of Pittsburgh Transformation Center. She is an expert in working with hurting people to help them experience healing and emotional wholeness through deep personal encounters with God. She trains others to become resiliency coaches. She is the author of the book DEEPER, Living the Christian Life in the Deep Down. Lisa is the developer of CUT CARDS. A groundbreaking, faith-filled, therapeutic deck cards based on scriptural principles and cognitive behavior therapy. She is a speaker and conducts DEEPER STILL CONTEMPLATIVE RETREATS.

Her mission and call are to see the message of emotional healing through Christ become as much a part of the regular Christian experience as reading, worship, and prayer are.

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