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Making Friends with Your Anxiety

Updated: Apr 20, 2022


ve you ever considered that anxiety is there to let you know to pay attention?. It's like an unwanted visitor that comes bearing a gift.

I tell people all the time to pay attention to the cue their body is giving them

. Why not pay attention to the cues that go along with anxiety. Only then will you be able to return to a place of physical, emotional, and spiritual calm.

Your anxiety is trying to tell you something. It's like a frienemy. Let’s take a moment to consider all its messages.

  • It may be saying you haven't processed something disturbing or hurtful.

  • It may be saying you're worried about the near future and all that goes with it. work, bills, children, aging parents, a neglected marriage.

  • It may be trying to speak to you about regrets and lead you to make appropriate changes.

  • It may be linked to making a big decision

  • You may be fearing something. I.e., failure, rejection,

  • You may have a sense of helplessness that you've been ignoring

  • It can even be a sense of guilt from violating a personal principle or one God's principles.

You and I were fearfully and wonderfully made. Have you considered that anxiety is part of how God designed us? If we look at it that way, then we can appreciate its function in our lives instead of resisting it. Let's go further. You can take action

  • If you haven't processed something disturbing and hurtful, slow down, cancel plans if necessary and make space to process the pain.

  • If you're worrying, then take time to let the Father speak Truth to your soul.

  • Got a big decision to make? Nervous about making the wrong choice? Ask for heaven's perspective on the matter.

  • Fearing failure? Consider that all things work together for your good. Even failure! What can you learn from failing?

  • Feeling helpless but telling yourself "I'm fine" Why not ask for help from those with knowledge concerning your situation. A little knowledge can be empowering.

  • Feeling guilty? Go make it right.

It might also help to think of anxiety as a "part" that is scared or frightened. that would mean you're not broken. Instead, this "part" needs to be consoled. It's one part of you. It's a part of your thoughts. It's certainly doesn't represent all of you or you're thoughts. For many believers, thinking of it as a "part" is less threatening to their identity and theology. If it's less threatening then we're more apt to examine the reasons rather than resist and suppress anxiety.

So, make friends with that "part" that is fearful and causing you anxiety. No one ever said ignoring anxiety helps them. Get to know yourself and God through a process of reflection, short-term action steps, and small changes. Brutal honesty is better than denial.

Let me ask you one last question. Does just reciting a do not fear scripture really irradiate your anxiety? I'm going to out myself and confess something. Mere reciting of scripture never worked for dealing with my unwanted emotions. But when I bring them into the Light, He illuminates truth to me calming my anxious heart. Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you.

Lisa Pinney certified encounter coach and the founder of Pittsburgh Transformation Center. She is an expert in working with hurting people to help them experience healing and emotional wholeness through deep personal encounters with God. She trains others to become resiliency coaches. She is the author of the book DEEPER, Living the Christian Life in the Deep Down. Lisa is the developer of CUT CARDS. A groundbreaking, faith-filled, therapeutic deck cards based on scriptural principles and cognitive behavior therapy. She is a speaker and conducts DEEPER STILL CONTEMPLATIVE RETREATS.

Her mission and call are to see the message of emotional healing through Christ become as much a part of the regular Christian experience as reading, worship, and prayer are.

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