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Love and Suffering Go Hand In Hand

A few weeks ago our pastor made a key statement in one of his messages. He said experience isn't the best teacher. Processed experience is the best teacher. That stuck with me. I'd like to say I remember a lot, but the truth is I forget more than I remember. So it's a big deal when I do recall something.

Think about it. You can't mature without both the experience of love and suffering. And yet, we all without a doubt shrink back in the face of suffering. It's a normal reaction. But what if after we got over the initial reaction we leaned into it? If we let suffering have its way, we might find God was making us wise, compassionate, and open-hearted souls because of how we were softened in the process of suffering. I'm not exactly sure how suffering can produce such fruit, I just know it does.

Diana Hayes says To “let go and let God”, is to put ourselves in the hands of God, even for just a little while, until the challenges of life are more bearable. I'll take it since it can't be avoided. This is one way we can encounter God with us.

Consider the times of sorrow and pain that you've gone through. Isn't it also the place God met you giving you insight, and wisdom? Isn't it the place where fruit began to develop? That's the transformation that comes as we lean in.

Are those times hard? Heck ya! Do we want them for ourselves like we do visions and revelations? No! And yet afterward, we can say, I don't want to go through that again. But I wouldn't trade what I received for the world.


What trial or pain-filled time did God meet you?

What did you gain from it?

What did God impart?

If you would allow yourself a moment to connect to the treasure in the gift of suffering, how would it change the way you leaned into the next time of disappointment, loss, or betrayal?

Remember that what you resist persists. So imagine what would happen if you leaned in?

Do you or a friend need a little help processing, I'm here for you. email me at

Remember every story matters to God

Until Next Week, Mega Blessings, Lisa

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