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Letting Go

Sit in silence.

Shut down your racing mind

Focus on your breath

Tune in to your Heavenly Father

If you notice your mind beginning to wander, gently and non-judgmentally bring your awareness back to your breath and God.

Just be in the moment as much as possible. That may only be 2 minutes at first. Remember this is a nonjudgemental spiritual practice.

Just feel this present moment.

Let go of all your concerns, thoughts, emotions, worries, and expectations. Just be. Here. Now. You are not your concerns, thoughts, emotions, worries, or expectations. These are impressed upon you by the demands of the world, but they are not you. As you inhale and exhale, know that what you are is love. You are sustained, for no other reason but for love. Can you feel you're being supported by the earth beneath you? Feel the air supporting you as you receive it into your lungs. Feel the spaciousness of the sky and its embrace of all things. Be reminded of nature’s miraculous cycles of rebirth and renewal, and realize that the same capacity exists within you. You are loved. Your Heavenly Father supports you. God is with you.

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