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It's Been a While

Thanks for welcoming me back into your inbox. I hope you open this since emails can get lost among e-bills, brand emails, and other things you subscribed to out of curiosity. Psst... Something I do all the time and then unsubscribe later on.

I'm writing you on my old laptop because I dropped and broke my new Mac.

A lot has transpired this year. My husband Terry, and I transitioned to a new church plant and we couldn't be happier. Story Collective Church is currently meeting at the TRYP Hotel in Lawrenceville. If you're in Pittsburgh, come check it out. I'm usually at the Welcome Table and I'd love to see you. I prayed for 4 years for a church like this. The worship is rich and the messages are timely. The gifts can flow because the services are restricted due to the necessary timing for multiple services. There are solid relationships that are being built. But, what I like most is how Pastors Kelli and Ben Brownlee are restoring people by giving them opportunities to use gifts that went underground for a variety of reasons. It's a beautiful thing to witness people and their callings coming back to life.

I also underwent a meniscus repair surgery last month which requires me to be

non-weight-bearing for a minimum of six weeks and 3 months of physical therapy. This picture only partially describes my current situation. The brace is accurate. Instead of crutches, which I'm not good with because I keep falling, I have a walker.

I am fortunate to have a friend who works for one of the top sports medicine surgeons in Pittsburgh. A lot of unexpected fruit has come from it. I've developed patience, something I'm normally not good with. I've become more accepting of my temporary limitations instead of kicking against the goads the way Saul did. Because I am so dependent on my family to help me, I've had to become less independent. Before the surgery, I went about my daily life doing my thing, living up in my head and barely noticing how intricately woven family is designed to be. It's made me stop to express my appreciation for them multiple times a day. Until this meniscus repair, I had no experiential understanding of how difficult it is to navigate life with a disability. Anyone in my family will tell you I'm not known for being a compliant patient. But, I am now. I'm doing everything I'm told to ensure a good outcome.

Lastly, if you are still reading this, I'd like to update you on the Get Attuned app.

This project put me way out of my depth. It reminds me of Ezekiel's encounter in chapter 47 when he was led deeper and deeper into the river until he couldn't cross it because the river was deep enough to swim in. Then Ezekiel was led back to the shore where he saw trees on both sides of the river. It emptied into the Dead Sea making it possible for every living creature to be able to live. I know in my heart that Get Attuned has the potential to help others live full and rich emotionally healthy lives in Christ. This app is my baby and I'm still in labor and delivery. Maybe I shouldn't phrase it this way. In truth, this was an idea God put in my heart, so maybe it's God's baby and I'm just the midwife. Idk

Get Attuned sailed through the approval process with Google and is available for those who have an Android phone. That's not the case with Apple. It was submitted but we had to answer a few questions for clarity. Then they wanted a few modifications to be made. All very technical stuff, none of which I understand or care to. Thank goodness Ben understands or knows who to connect with to make the adjustments. Hopefully, it will be out soon. Only God knows the timing and the extent of warfare this project has encountered. One thing I am sure of is that God will bring this to birth.

I covet your prayers for both my recovery and the release of Get Attuned. Oh yeah, I might as well ask you to pray about the marketing aspect of it also.

Mega Blessings


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