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Into The Silence

We live in a loud, busy world that is always telling us to do more, get this and your life will be better, you can be more, go for it. It's both a commercial and cultural influence that wears us out. Even our Christian messages reflect the same sentiments. It's these subtle messages that have kept me living from a place of lack.

Here’s a little piece of my story. When I summarize it, this is what it sounds like in my head. I'm not enough, so I need to do more, in order to be more, and fulfill the call God has for me. As if He hadn't already shown me???

I had to step off the treadmill and figure things out.

I'm not one to say everything is the enemy. But, in this case, it is the enemy's trap because it robs us of discovering and knowing our unique identity. This mindset of doing more to be more only affects us when we lose focus or don't know who Jesus created us to be and His unique purpose for our lives. In truth, we all lose sight of it sometimes. No shame in it after all we're human.

It happened to me recently. So, I paused. I went back to the place of silently resting with Him. I went back to recapture my daily rhythms of silent contemplation. There I remembered who I am to Him. That's identity! Even Jesus stepped away and got into the silence where He could be with His Father. If Jesus needed to do this, why do we keep going and going with no margin in our lives for silence, solitude, and rest?

Solitude is a pillar of our faith. It's where we discover what we need to do and what we need to lay down. It's here where the compulsion to be more comes into view. It's in silence, that we can let all our false selves drop to the ground and become life chaff that we can step over.


In what ways are you hustling for your identity?

What is yours to do and what is for someone else?

How will you let those things go?

What do you need to let go of in order to create a margin for silence, solitude, and rest?

How will reflecting change your story?

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Mega Blessings


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