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Heart Engaged Prayer

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Do you know how people say they feel like their prayers aren't getting past the ceiling? What they're really saying is that they aren't experiencing the relief that comes when we let go and truly give it to God. So what do we do? We double down, pray harder, pray longer, or engage in spiritual warfare.

Maybe we're praying wrong? Could it be that we don't need to pray harder, or longer? Could it be the whole reason we're not experiencing the relief we desire is that our hearts aren't engaged in the prayer process? or that we're fighting the wrong battle? Often times we blame things on the enemy when in fact

Heart Engaging Prayer © is an intimate form of prayer. It doesn't replace other forms of prayer, it actually enhances your times of prayer.

Here's How:

Do you know how you may keep asking for forgiveness long after you've been forgiven? The problem isn't the sin, it's the shame we feel. Heart Engaged Prayer© allows God to reach the shame that got embedded in your heart and then release you from it with a word spoken to your heart.

Have you ever prayed and bound the enemy to no avail? Maybe you're not in a spiritual battle at all. You could be binding something when God has actually designed the thing your facing for your spiritual growth. If that's the case, Heart Engaged Prayer© will allow God to reach the part of your heart that ne