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Doing the Work of Wholehearted Living

To live wholeheartedly means acknowledging that something is missing or we're not truly satisfied with our lives. Sometimes, it's due to life circumstances. Other times, it's because we're at a crossroads in life.

The pain is more than we can bear.

In the stagnation, we find ourselves treading water.

We're longing for the promises of God to become REAL in our lives

*We try a new small group, hoping for community. It's good and still, something is missing.

*We get a new bible study plan thinking that more of the Word will satisfy this ache and longing for more.

*We follow some new hotshot preacher hoping some of his energy will rub off on us. It does but then fades as we resume a normal life.

*We do what we've been taught by our leaders in the faith

and for all of that, something is still missing. It's Jesus in the deep down!

It's okay to say you want more in your relationship with God.

He wants more in His relationship with you too!

I'm not here to sell you anything. I'm here to help you connect deeply with God for yourself. I'm here to help you to cultivate a lifestyle of intimacy that is more than a buzz word.

If you're ready to do the work of encountering the love of the Father that satisfies the deep longings of your heart, let me help you. It is possible, in fact, it's His promise. God wants to give you the desires of your emotional heart!

You can purchase Cut Cards and the Cut Through Tough Emotions Journal. This is perfect if you want something they can use in your private time.

We can work together, to get you unstuck and moving in the direction of experientially living in union with a loving Father. I have seen the Father do some pretty amazing things for my clients as they encounter Him in ways they needed most. Because of that, I don't sell packages. I don't charge high prices. It's just not my jam.

So, if all this sounds appealing to you, schedule a call or message me.

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