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Self -awareness is the ability to know yourself and how you relate in the world. It's the first step to change and growth. Self -Awareness, and self-reflection are similar and they usually go hand in hand. Awareness is recognizing our actions. Self-reflection is our ability to examine our motives and any patterns that influence our actions. Awareness is our ability to bring thoughts, emotions, unhealthy coping strategies, and our emotional needs to the surface for examination. Both awareness and self-reflection are meant to be gentle and compassionate in nature. Without these two components, we are left with disciplining our way to change and growth. As children of God, we are meant to be changed from the inside out, from glory to glory, and at the heart level.

(Ephesian 5:13 NIV) everything exposed by the light becomes visible and everything illuminated becomes a light

(Luke 8:17 NIV) there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealing that will not be known or brought into the open

When you are struggling emotionally, ask yourself a few questions. Have my actions betrayed my principles? Is this part of a pattern? How long have I been struggling? Are there people in my life that are detrimental to my emotional well being? Am I tolerating a relationship? Am I in a job that no longer works for me? Am I looking for approval? Am I in a rut because I was raised to act a certain way? What am I really feeling?

Awareness is meant to be a stepping stone to prayer and transformation. It carries no judgment or shame with it. Instead of denying your need or beating yourself up, think deeper to the patterns, habits, and unhealed wounds. As you begin down this road, you will discover that awareness doesn’t necessarily mean your habits will be conquered right away. Awareness leads to understanding yourself which enables you to come before the Father and ask Him to meet the deeper needs of your heart. When God reaches the part of your heart that needs Him most you will see yourself changing! Join Jesus in this holy process. As you seek and ask, He will shine a light into the dark places of your heart.

Cut Cards are designed to help you become "aware" of thoughts and emotions, so you can connect to the Father. These encounters will change you from the inside out by meeting the emotional needs of your heart.

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