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Anxiety In The Body

I tend to think everyone is aware of when they're anxious. But, the more I talk with others, the more I realize Americans are so up in their head and not so aware of what messages the body is sending them. This is a major reason we (even Christians) have high blood pressure, stomach aches, and aches and pains. Psalm 139:14 tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That includes the way our body functions. The pain in our bodies is actually a clue to pay attention to what we're thinking, doing, or ignoring. Negative thoughts go beyond our mind generating a corresponding pain in our bodies.

It's quite the gift when you think about it. God made us in such a way that our bodies let us know when it's time to slow down, pay attention and take time to let God be the ultimate counselor and healer to us. Think about it. when you are carrying stress in your shoulders or your hands are shaking, it's our body signaling you. God intends for you to slow down and connect to him, so he can meet your emotional needs. What? Emotional needs and stress in the body. How does that work?

We're body, soul, and spirit. What we think impacts our bodies. In turn, our body tells us to pay attention to what we're thinking. It's so divinely simple and yet, we are often too disconnected from the physical cues to take time to slow down and connect with God in meaningful ways. All too often, we're running around doing all sorts of need things. And yet the immediate can be the enemy of the eternal. So how can we turn this around? Simple pay attention to the cues within your body. Then sit down and connect with the Father until that stress lets go of you. You'll be able to tell because you may notice a cleansing breath or a few tears. Then you'll notice a sigh of relief. A calmness will come over you. It's the peace you needed but didn't realize you needed it so much.

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