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Always Amazed

This is how I feel when I coach others. It’s so cool to simply follow where God is leading. I ask a few coaching questions, then the clients asks the Father a question.

What happens next always blows my mind. Like a good father, God answers in ways that satisfies the emotional desires of the heart!

Recently, I had the privilege to coach a grieving mom. This mom was afraid she‘d lose her precious sons memory if she didn’t count the days, weeks, and months. I asked what else she counted? As she thought about it, she remembered counting after her grandmother died. This grieving mom reverted back to an old coping strategy. It happens.

I asked a few more questions that opened up her heart. Those questions allowed Jesus reach a part of her heart that was in fear. She was able to let go the fear that she‘d forget his memory.

It’s not uncommon for a grieving person to worry about memories fading. What is uncommon is the constant reliving and counting of:

  1. The date of your loved one’s death

  2. When you were notified

  3. Date of the funeral

  4. The number of weeks

  5. The months since a loved ones passing