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3 Kinds of Holiday Anxiety

The last two years were different kinds of holidays due to Covid and Omnicron. We missed being with our own kids and grandkids. We missed seeing our close relatives too. It felt heavy.

We also missed the stress of being too busy, shopping, running from place to place to visit everyone, baking, eating too much, and sitting at the table with creepy uncle Chris, judgy aunt Judy, and drunk cousin Drake.

There's a certain amount of anxiety that comes with the holidays. In this post, we'll talk about three of the most common sources that we all experience even in normal years.


Grief and Loss

Being too Busy

Most of us, just suck it up and tell ourselves January will be coming soon enough. There is a better way though.

Follow The Anxiety

If you follow the anxiety, you'll know what needs to be modified. That way you will enjoy your holidays instead of dreading them or having your schedule dictate you or even spending time with people you'd rather not be around.

Each and every time you start to feel anxiety, pause to ask yourself, what is the source of the anxiety this time? This requires you to slow down instead of pushing through. When we push through anxiety, we miss an opportunity to discover where out of alignment. Anxiety sends a message that begs us to pay attention.

  • If we're so busy that we're run ragged, how can we experience the joy the holiday offers? It's meant to be a combination of celebration with boundaries. Fatigue and anxiety are your body's way of letting you know you're pushing yourself too hard.

  • If we're around creepy uncle Chris, it's an indicator that we failed to set another important boundary. Skip worrying about what others will think. Instead, let the anxiety send it's a message that uncle Chris isn't safe. And, be okay with putting your own needs first. Is it hard, yes, at first. But you'll reap the rewards of peace because you're not ignoring the message anxiety is trying to convey.

  • And when we've lost a loved one, we need to grieve our loss. In the past, you may have been known as the life of the party. Now, we may need more time to rest because grief is heavy. Trying to do everything you used to do, puts you out of alignment again. In the end, you'll only be kicking the can of mourning down the road. Instead, spend time with those that are the most important and pass on some of the other invitations. God knows what it feels like to be in the house of mourning. He knows you may need more time alone to grieve the loss of what once was.

While the holidays were different last year, I also enjoyed the slower pace. I enjoyed spending quality time with the people closest to me. I learned a different way that actually allowed gratitude to rise up from within. I'm not sure that would've happened if I was so busy. I would've missed the blessing the season was meant to have.

So, if you want to make changes to limit holiday stress... follow the anxiety.

Mega Blessings and Merry Christmas


If you think coaching anxiety, unresolved trauma, and learning how to pay attention to your younger parts is the next right step for you, get in touch with me.

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1 commentaire

Very on point and thoughtful assessment of ourselves that we can all make. Thanks Lisa and Merry Christmas.

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