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Big News for 2023!
ATTUNED and emotional health and spiritual rest app
will be available for all your soul care needs!

Coaching Services


 Resiliency Coach


This 4-month program is for those that want to

increase their skill in using Cut Cards deeply

impactful encounters with God when

ministering to others.

Those that want to develop a better

understanding of human behavior.

Those who want to be certified

Those that want to improve

their coaching skills.

Included in this track are 12-1 hour group calls,

your choice of downloadable or a physical

copy of Cut Cards, a downloadable copy

of The Cut Through Tough Emotions Journal

and Deeper, Living the Christian Life 

in the Deep Down,

Access to the coach's training library

full of articles and videos

Schedule a complimentary

call for details and pricing

Coaching Path

This intensive 3-month plan is good for you if… you heal and grow best in a one-on-one setting.

It’s good for you if… you’re ready to do the

personal work necessary to move away

from anxiety, unhealthy patterns of coping,

negative core beliefs,

and unresolved trauma.

It’s a perfect fit for anyone in the transition

and transformation but are stuck in the

process, unable to see their way forward.


Together we will Identify limiting beliefs,

true emotional needs,

and allowing God to meet you

at a heart level, you can experience

abundant life.

Included in this path is 6-90 minute coaching

sessions, with action steps and summary emails.

Downloadable copies of Cut Cards and

The Cut Through Tough Emotions Journal and

Deeper, Living the Christian Life in The Deep Down.

Access to a library of articles and videos.

Schedule a complimentary

call for details and pricing

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is for you if you cannot make a more significant time commitment or are on a limited budget.

You'll still learn about yourself.

You'll still get the same results

You'll still grow spiritually.

You'll walk away with tools to connect to God in ways that allow you to thrive

Image by Derick McKinney

I took Lisa’s Resiliency Coaching course to become a life coach but, I got way more than I paid for. I learned how to connect in prayer on a much deeper spiritual and personal level. I was very pleased with how uncomplicated the class was. We learned a lot of information during the course, yet it was not overwhelming. Lisa has a gift for reaching those who are struggling. She’s authentic and honest about her own journey. You can’t help but appreciate her passion in wanting to help people heal. Lisa is a kindred spirit and a mentor to me. I’ll forever be grateful that our paths crossed! This class helped me grow as a person and it also helped me feel more successful in helping others!  Andrea V




Cut Through Tough Emotions to Connect to Your Heavenly Father in Heart Engaged Prayer


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