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Healing Journey

Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.....Everything starts at the heart level. In the heart is where all beliefs reside, both positive and negative. They're the things we believe deep down about ourselves, others, and God. I help to uncover negative beliefs, due to life experiences, that continue to trigger you, causing pain and anxiety.  Since the pathway to the heart is as individual as each person's experience, together we'll identify your hidden false beliefs and the fears that drive our behavior. This is what creates a pathway for God to reach the part of your heart that needs His healing, Truth, and love.


Disciplined approaches to change often fail when the mind is in conflict with the heart. Lasting change starts when Jesus satisfies the emotional desires of your heart. When your emotional needs are met through powerful encounters with the Father. You'll begin to: walk in peace, grow spiritually, have healthier relationships and become the person you created to be.


Whether you need change for yourself or in a significant relationship, it all starts when you begin to heal emotionally.